Nicholas Fernholm has lectured for many years on how individuals and organisations can respond to an increasingly changing world. He takes inspiration from his experiences as Robotics Manager at New Karolinska Hospital, as well as Logistics Manager during the construction of Älvsjö Epidemic Hospital and also Project Manager in the extensive changeover of the healthcare system during the crisis.

With his practical experience linked to the latest theories on change management and complexity, he creates insights, laughter and a sense of community.

Nicholas’ stories are touching, thrilling and makes one feel inspired to dare to change and test new solutions in an increasingly complex and changing world.

Nicholas was nominated for Speaker of the Year 2022 and has lectured for several of Sweden’s largest organisations on the topic of change work, complexity and digitalisation. He is also the author of the book Handbook of Unpredictability.

Nicholas Fernholm inspired us and made us look beyond.”

– Anna Ferber, Grant Thornton